Zermatt employs a forward-looking approach grounded in due diligence and attention to detail

At Zermatt Wealth Partners, we believe in building forward-looking portfolios designed to help clients best pursue their individual goals. To guide us in portfolio development, we follow a detailed investment policy statement (IPS) that is unique to every client we serve. Each IPS is developed from direct, open discussions covering goal setting and risk tolerance. We also recognize that clients’ priorities and goals can change over time and are always prepared to make incremental changes to clients’ investment strategies.

We also believe that asset allocation is a key driver of investment performance. We strive to assess the potential success and failure of a client’s assets to meet their objectives. This requires us to fully understand the risk and return of any asset classes in which our clients are invested; their cash draw needs to maintain their lifestyle; tax implications; and their wealth transfer requirements.

As fiduciaries working on behalf of clients, transparency and objectivity are paramount. We are not limited to proprietary products; instead, we strive to use outside money managers and the firm’s due diligence process to reduce any bias from our thinking.

Positioning family wealth for tomorrow
through sound strategic planning today.