Zermatt provides steadfast support and knowledgeable guidance in pursuit of your goals.

Nestled among Switzerland’s tallest alpine peaks is the village of Zermatt, where mountaineering is a part of everyday life. Though it appeared on maps as early as 1495, Zermatt was "discovered" by mid-19th-century mountaineers and made famous in 1865 when British mountaineer Edward Whymper conquered the Matterhorn. Today, Zermatt is the starting point for those who accept the formidable challenge to reach Matterhorn’s imposing 14,692-foot peak.

Likewise, the challenges of managing significant wealth can be quite formidable for individuals, companies and institutions alike. Surmounting these challenges requires a starting point just like the task of ascending one of earth’s highest peaks. In either case, however, the starting point is the same – Zermatt.

As an independent investment firm, we are unencumbered by corporate platforms. This allows us to create investment portfolios tailored to specific individual needs. We believe you should never feel overwhelmed by wealth’s attendant responsibilities or limited by your wealth management team. That is why we commit ourselves to providing you with unwavering support as you pursue your financial goals.

Positioning family wealth for tomorrow
through sound strategic planning today.